Mingwei Chen | 陈明威

Infrastucture and Full Stack

About Me

I am currently master student of Computer Engineering and was a bachelor of Southwest Jiaotong University. I will graduate Dec. 2017 and I am actively looking for a software engineer position.

I am a good engineer for:

  • Like facing challenges;
  • Good self-dirve study;
  • Good team-work player;
  • Proficient in Java OOP and Apache commons;
  • Familiar with popular languages;
  • Good overview of computer general system;
  • Know web, know mobile, and know cloud;
  • Most importantly, I like coding and developing!

Weclome to !


Stock Price Pipeline - Big Data Infra

  • Introduction: This is a scalable big data pipeline which displays price changes in real time.

Kademlia DHT - Distributed System Project

  • Introduction: This is kademlia-licensed distributed hash table implementation with golang.

SAT Solver - RUST Language Project

  • Introduction: This an API of RUST to solve NP problem and a demo of sudoku solver.

TCC Transplant to Nautilus - Linux Kernel Research

  • Introduction: Transplant Tiny C Compiler from Linux to Nautilus Kernel